We may make available on behalf of advertisers or Merchants a type of free Vouchers called “Offers” which will usually entitle the recipient to an amount or a percentage off on their purchases and ordinarily do not involve a specific value of Goods or Services. Offers are available to you at no charge, and accordingly Offers, unlike most Vouchers, contain only a Promotional Portion and no Paid Portion. Rather, Offers are made available by the Merchants as a reward to encourage you to visit their places of business (including websites) or purchase their Goods or Services during the period prior to the Expiration Date stated on the Offer Confirmation sent to you. These Offers expire on the date stated on the Offers Confirmation, and after the Expiration Date, the Offers will be of no value and will not be redeemable in any form or matter.

Like all Vouchers, Merchants are the sellers of the associated goods and services promoted in the Offer and are solely responsible for providing them, their quality, compliance with law, including laws with respect to Expiration Dates and the service of alcoholic beverages, and for redeeming Offers. Offers may be used only once. After receiving an Offer you must contact the Merchant to make a purchase. Availability may be limited and there is no guaranty that it will be sufficient to meet all Offers issued. Offers are subject to terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions stated on the Offer as Fine Print. Fun in the City is not responsible for additional or different terms, conditions, limitations and restrictions that may be imposed by the Merchants on Offers. In the event that a Merchant refuses to honor an Offer without cause or contrary to law or these terms and conditions, your only recourse is only against the Merchant and Fun in the City will not have any responsibility. Fun in the City reserves the right to cancel, terminate or alter any Offers at any time. Offers are not exchangeable, refundable or redeemable in cash unless required by law.

Fun in the City is not responsible for any dialogue between Parties, nor is Fun in the City liable for any personal interactions between Parties via the Site, or any chat messaging services available.

All capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the same meaning as in Fun in the City Conditions of Use. Fun in the City Conditions of Use are incorporated herein by reference.