San Diego Businesses to Support 7th Edition: Creative and Unique Food Options

San Diego Businesses to Support 7th Edition: Creative and Unique Food Options

In the seventedition featuring San Diego businesses on the Fun in the City app, weve focused on creative and unique food options in the San Diego areaBelow, weve featured some great spots in the area with their own unique take on different cuisines and some fresh ideas like Scintilla Farms urban-farm-grown produce and microgreen delivery. Below youll find Ethiopian cuisine, vegan sandwich options, farm-fresh cheeses made in the United States and more.  

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  1. GIHON Ethiopian Kitchen – San Diego
    Featured Offer: BOGO Chicken or Lentil Sambusa

GIHON Ethiopian Kitchen is the brainchild of owner and head chef Mesk G and focuses on giving diners an authentic Ethiopian dining experience. With GIHON, owner Mesk G wanted to give patrons a taste of all of Ethiopia with spices, meats, vegetables, and other ingredients that imitate the exact flavors you would find in different parts of the country.

The name “Gihon” comes from the Book of Genesis and is the second river that flows from the Garden of Eden throughout the land of Cush (Ethiopia in Christian theology). Mesk G took this name for his restaurant to symbolically represent the eclectic mix of regional flavors and ingredients throughout the country and his goal of providing patrons with a slice of each, much like the river Gihon flowing through each region of Cush (Ethiopia).

  1. Scintilla Farms – San Diego
    Featured Offer: 50% Off First Two Deliveries

Scintilla Farms was created by friends Blake Cowling and Austin Collins, who saw a big problem with the way we get our food. Living in a city, far away from where most food is grown, Blake and Austin weren’t happy with not knowing where the stuff they were eating came from. By creating urban farm Scintilla Farms, Blake and Austin found a way to provide people with the freshest produce possible, grown locally right in San Diego, and delivered the same day it’s harvested.

Scintilla Farms grows all of its organic produce locally and delivers it to homes and businesses the same day it’s harvested. They also offer a large selection of microgreens, which have up to 40x more nutrients than fully grown veggies. Flavor profiles in microgreens are much stronger than their fully-grown counterparts, leading to increasing popularity in fine cuisine.

  1. Howling Moon Kombucha– San Diego
    Featured Offer: 20% Off Your First Purchase

Howling Moon Kombucha specializes in session kombucha, a non-alcoholic variety that is much lighter and less vinegary than other kombuchas. They offer bright, exotic flavors brewed to not make you wince when you take a sip. The wide variety of flavors offered by Howling Moon Kombucha are globally inspired with a mix of local and imported ingredients to result in a tasty, uniquely crafted kombucha that is sure to delight your senses.

Making kombucha is both a science and an art. Both founders of Howling Moon Kombucha have backgrounds in microbiology that have helped them perfect a unique brewing process that focuses on making light kombucha with bold flavor.

  1. Smallgoods Cheese Shop – San Diego
    Featured Offer: 10% Off Your First Purchase

Started by husband-and-wife duo Mike and Jenny in the Fall of 2015 at the La Jolla Open Aire Market, Smallgoods opened their flagship brick-and-mortar shop in their hometown La Jolla in February of 2020.

Smallgoods specializes exclusively in American farmstead cheeses, cured meats, deli meats, and regionally sourced gourmet American products with seasonal flavors. You can check out their shop and cafe in La Jolla now or wait until the area farmer’s markets open back up to catch them there and try some of their great American products.

  1. The Green House – Oceanside
    Featured Offer: 10% Off Food or Plant Purchase

Owners Keith Haman and Breesa Everett opened The Green House after years of Keith working in sandwich shops throughout North San Diego County, eventually teaching elementary and middle school and raising a family with Breesa. Finally, they have their own sandwich shop that showcases their passionate and long commitment to vegan cuisine and animal rights.

Keith and Breesa believe healthy and ethical food can be convenient and delicious. They locally-source as many ingredients for their plant-based menu options as they can and partner with vegan food companies to bring customers the tastiest plant-based sandwiches they could dream up.

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