Ultimate Summer Activities to Enjoy in Sunny San Diego

Ultimate Summer Activities to Enjoy in Sunny San Diego

  1. Paddle Boarding!

San Diego is known for being a very active community and one activity that doesn’t require extreme strength or endurance is paddle boarding. Paddle Boarding along the San Diego bay is a breathtaking, summer activity and it literally requires no experience. Although it can be scary at first, especially if you happen to tip over, (which you probably will), once you figure out your groove and are able to control your paddle, it is one of the best ways to see San Diego’s coastline. SUP California is one of the best Paddle Board renters and there are many around San Diego, all of which can provide a memorable experience. With SUP Coronado you can paddle under the Coronado bridge and catch the best view of San Diego’s beautiful coastline. An ideal day to go would be a typical sunny San Diego day, start to paddle board around 6pm and catch the cotton candy sunset.

  1. Movies Under the Stars

Everyone loves movies, from new releases to older classics. Experience watching a movie in a new way this time. Rooftop Cinema Club in downtown is an outdoor movie theater that plays movies from The Sandlot, to Top Gun, to Napoleon Dynamite. What sets them apart from any regular cinema is that they’re literally on a rooftop, the rooftop of the Manchester Grand Hyatt in downtown to be exact. It’s a beautiful, scenic and romantic spot for anyone to enjoy, and perfectly placed to oversee all the towering buildings of downtown San Diego. Rooftop Cinema Club provides comfy seats along with cozy blankets. We can’t think of a better way to watch a movie in San Diego than on the roof of the Hyatt. This experience definitely must be on your summer bucket list.

  1. Beautiful Balboa Park

Sunny summer days call for a walk in the park or more specifically, a walk around the world-famous Balboa Park. This special place is home to so much San Diego culture, from Spanish architecture to showcasing local art, there’s so much to see at Balboa Park. The park features a botanical garden that is filled with beautiful flowers during the summer time, the koi fish pond, The Timken Museum of Art, and all make for a wonderful Instagram pic. Balboa Park is also filled with interesting museums for anyone to enjoy. The award-winning Rueben H. Fleet Science Center has always been a crowd favorite, and the beautiful Natural History Museum still captivates the minds of many. To fully experience Balboa Park, we recommend packing a picnic and hanging out there all day, since there are beautiful grassy areas and a Japanese Friendship Garden to cool down at. Balboa Park makes the cut as a must summer activity.

  1. World-Famous San Diego Zoo

Across the wonderful Balboa Park is the world-famous San Diego Zoo. It is one of the few zoos in the entire world that houses and successfully breeds the giant panda. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy a beautiful warm summer day, with activities for the entire family to enjoy! Summer is the perfect time to visit “Nighttime Zoo,” a special event all summer long, where the Zoo stays open all day and night. It’s a great opportunity to see animals showcase their talents after hours! When you’re at the zoo we recommend jumping on the Skyfari. It’s a breathtaking aerial tram that showcases the entire Zoo from a bird’s eye view. Sunset is the best time to go on it because it really captures the beauty of San Diego. From lions to penguins, the San Diego Zoo has it.

  1. Picture Perfect Beaches

When you have no plans at all on a warm summer day, what better way to relax than at San Diego’s world-famous beaches? From Oceanside Pier all the way down to Coronado Beach, our wonderful beaches are sure to make for a memorable time. Grab a beach chair, pack your sunscreen and head out to anyone, our recommendation would be Encinitas D Street beach, it’s a low-key surfer spot and far enough from the busy Moonlight Beach. If you’re into surfing Leucadia beach is the prime spot for catching those waves. If you’re looking to just take in the Pacific Ocean and all its grandeur, Coronado Beach and Torrey Pines is your scene. Coronado Beach has unique hills of sand with shrubs that have grown under the sand, and the sunsets there are the most cotton candy like in town. Torrey Pines is literally world famous for its PGA golf course, where legend Tiger Woods has won eight times. What makes Torrey Pines so special is the beautiful beach mountains that cascade over the shimmering shore, are breathtaking, and before you know it you’ll be miles and miles away from your car.

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